2009 Penthouse Golden G-String Awards
Penthouse Gold G-String Awards

The Penthouse Club New Orleans

The Penthouse Club New Orleans is located in the French Quarter at 727 Iberville Street, just off Bourbon. Large Map

New Orleans is one of the truly unique cities in America. In places, it is easy to imagine days gone by when horse drawn carriages were clopping down the street between bars and brothels. If there is a definition of “24-hour party,” it would have to be New Orleans.

The world-famous Mardi Gras – culminating this year on February 24, 2009 -- attracts nearly 1 million visitors, making New Orleans and, in particular, The French Quarter a mass of pulsating bodies. Then, without missing a beat, The Penthouse Gold G-String Awards picks up right where Mardi Gras leaves off. From February 25-28, 2009, the place to be will be New Orleans, La.

If you haven’t been there, New Orleans is easy to get to, the people are friendly, the food is fantastic, there are great hotels within a few minutes walk, the alcohol is unending (you can walk in the street with your drink) and The Penthouse Club is your home base for all that excitement.

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